IndaPlant Project

FloraBorg Community Update: 3 IndaPlants Up And Running


The link above discusses a creative project that is  found at the engineering department of Rutgers. The IndaPlant is the work of my art professor Elizabeth Demaray. The IndaPlant is now part of a larger collaboration. The design is created so that a plant can take care of itself. I know after a while I would forget to water my plant because I become to busy to actually remember.  IndaPlant is described as being part robot because it can move itself around on a portable platform with wheels. I see it as the bottom part being the legs and feet, and the upper part being the actual head, arms etc. The latest version of the Indaplant has sensory devices, data sharing, and a robotic vehicle the moves the plant around in search of light and water.  The sensory devices sends signals to let the machine know that the plant is in need of water or sunlight. This is  similar to the function of our brain sending signals to our body letting us know what we need. Of course it is advised that if you see one standing at a water fountain to give it a cup of water because it can’t pour one itself.

To me this means that technology is advancing enough so that objects can take care of themselves without the help of humans. It also means to me that we can have a lot more clean are circulating the building since the plants are now mobile and not in one location.



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