Artist Report: Anish Kapoor


Sky Mirror Located in front of Rockefeller Plaza.  Created in 2006. Medium Stainless Steel

Anish Kapoor is a British Sculptor Born in Bombay. He lives in London since 1970’s. Anish Kapoor became known in the 1980’s for his geometric or biomorphic sculptures made using simple materials such as granite, limestone, marble, pigment, and plaster. One of the sculptures he created is called the Sky Mirror. The Sky Mirror is 35-foot-diameter concave mirror made of polished stainless steel. It sits on top of a platform above street level.  Kapoor describes this artwork as a “non-object.” A non-object artwork is artwork that does not represent or betray a person, place or thing in the natural world.  On one side of the mirror is the view of the sky and on the other is the view of the street and buildings surrounding the area around it.

I think this sculptor represents the meaning of looking at things closely  with a clear eyes view. I also think that the review of the sky is suppose to relax the viewers and give them the feeling of being lost in the clouds.


Review: “One of the things that ‘Sky Mirror’ tries to take on is that there’s so much monumentality , enmeshed, pushing up there,” he said, calling the mirror “a kind of phenomenological approach to the city as a concrete fact.” New York Times

Image result for anish kapoor cloud gate

Cloud Gate AKA the Bean. Date 2006. Medium Stainless steel

Image result

Dirty Corner. Created 2011.


ArcelorMittal Orbit at night.jpg

ArcelorMittal Orbit. Created May 2012 medium steel

Image result for anish kapoor

turning the world upside down created 2010. stainless steel

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